Justice for Brad

Timeline of Events

  • On Friday evening, July 11th, 2008, Brad, Nancy and their two daughters attended a neighborhood barbecue. Brad took the children home around 8 pm while Nancy stayed at the party until approximately 12:30 am.
  • Just after 4 am, Brad woke up to his younger daughter Katie (almost 2) crying for a bottle of milk. He was trying to calm her down. Shortly afterwards, Nancy woke up. They were trying to wean her off bottles of milk, so they were looking for other ways to calm her down. It also didn't help that they were out of milk.
  • The two of them started some laundry. It was typical for this family to wake early in the morning since Nancy often went running at that time. Finally, shortly after 6 am, Brad went to the local Harris Teeter store to buy milk for Katie.
  • He returned home with the milk. Nancy gave Katie the bottle but they realized, after several loads of laundry, that they were out of laundry detergent. Brad went back to the store to buy some. Harris Teeter is approximately 2 miles from the Cooper home. While en route to the store, Nancy called Brad and asked him to pick up some green juice for their older daughter. This phone call was received at 6:40 am, just before Brad was seen entering the Harris Teeter parking lot and store.
  • Brad returned home and took his daughter upstairs to the home office so she could finish her bottle while he got some work done. Just prior to 7:00 am, Nancy shouted at him from downstairs asking about one of her jogging shirts. Before he could respond, Nancy shouted "never mind" and left for her run.
  • Brad made plans to play tennis the evening before with a friend. They planned to meet at 9:30 am on the next day. When Nancy hadn't returned home by then he called his friend, Mike Hiller to cancel, telling him that Nancy had not yet returned from her run.
  • Brad received phone calls from two of Nancy's friends that morning and he told them that he thought she may have gone jogging with a friend, Carey Clarke, but that she hadn't returned yet.
  • As it got later, Brad became worried and called Nancy's friends, Jessica Adam and Hannah Prichard, to see if either of them knew Carey Clarke's phone number. They didn't. Brad told Jessica he was going to put the girls in the car and drive around to look for Nancy.
  • At 2:15 pm, Jessica Adam called police. The phone call is available here.
  • In that phone call, Jessica implied that Brad may have had something to do with Nancy's disappearance.
  • Over the next 2 days police questioned Brad repeatedly and he fully cooperated with them. Brad spent over ten hours answering every question police could think of, probing into his personal life, and yet he remained open and honest. The police followed him but claimed it was to protect him, yet they didn't put a police trail on the children.
  • Nancy's body was found on the evening of July 14th in a drainage pond in a new construction area three miles from the Cooper home. The autopsy report would later indicate that she was most likely strangled.
  • Police took possession of the Cooper home on July 15th as part of the investigation.
  • On July 16th, one day later, Nancy's parents filed for temporary custody of the children and the judge granted them custody.
  • In early October, Brad agreed to undergo a custody deposition hearing in order to regain his children. It was seven hours long and was more interrogation than deposition. Very specific questions were asked about the events leading up to, and following Nancy's disappearance. It was evident that the police supplied questions to the custody attorney.
  • Police reviewed the deposition and noted what they considered inconsistencies in some of his statements. Weeks later, at the end of October, 2008 Brad was indicted for the murder of Nancy, based on the state of their marriage, allegations that Brad never cleaned the house and of course, the tainted computer evidence.