Justice for Brad

Case Summaries

No evidence of a Spoofed Phone Call

An important part of the state's case was the assertion that Brad somehow automated a 6:40 am phone call from his wife. Their case was dependent on this because if Nancy was alive at 6:40 am, then everything Brad said was true and he could not have committed the murder.

Nancy called Brad from his home landline at 6:40 am while Brad was on his way to the store, to ask him to pick up green juice for their daughter. When the FBI tested the computers they found no evidence of an automated phone call. The Cisco worldwide IT managed site was checked and no call was found. The phone records were checked, verifying that indeed a call was placed from the landline phone to Brad's cell phone. The state brought in an expert from Cisco to show all the ways a call COULD be automated but defense shut it down when it was confirmed by the expert that in order to automate a call as the prosecutors suggested, an FXO port would be necessary. But the routers in the Cooper home were not FXO-compatible. The lead detective finally testified that no proof of an automated call was ever found. It was never found because the call wasn't automated.

The state was able to confuse the jury by providing 10 different ways a call could be automated even though they failed to prove it. It should never happen that a jury convicts a defendant on pure speculation. But that's what happened.