Justice for Brad

Case Summaries

Sixteen people saw someone matching Nancy's description on 7/12/08

Volunteers posted "missing" flyers all over town, beginning in the afternoon that Nancy Cooper disappeared while jogging. Anyone with information was asked to call the Cary Police Department. There was plenty of news coverage and everyone in the community was trying to help find Nancy.

In those first days following her disappearance, 16 people contacted Cary police to report that they saw someone matching Nancy's description on the morning of July 12th. Police recorded the names of the people calling in and any details they provided, but that was it. The police never visited any of them to see exactly where they saw the female jogger. They never showed them pictures of Nancy with other women to see if they were certain it was her.

Some of them felt very certain it was her and several described seeing a woman in dark shorts and a light t-shirt in the general area where Nancy would normally jog. One woman was so certain it was Nancy that after several calls to police and not hearing back, she finally contacted the defense attorneys. The woman then identified Nancy from a group of photos.

Police finally followed up with all 16 people, approximately three months after Nancy's death. They did this just before Brad’s custody hearing when they knew some of these people would be called to testify.

There is no excuse for ignoring such crucial information in a missing person or murder investigation, but that is exactly what they did. We’ll never know if someone could have provided police with details that could have lead to the real killer.