Justice for Brad

Refuted State Evidence (More Coming Soon)


Several state witnesses were questioned about the diamond pendant necklace that Nancy wore.

They all testified that she never took the necklace off. Since her body was found without the necklace and the necklace was found in the Cooper home after Brad was indicted, the police and prosecutors suggested that Brad must have been responsible for the murder because that was the only explanation for finding Nancy without the necklace.

Some interesting testimony came out in the trial.

Hannah Prichard, one of Nancy’s friends, emailed another friend asking specifically for only photos of Nancy wearing her necklace. Detective Dismukes was copied on that email. It seems that the Cary police were working closely with this tight circle of "friends" in a concerted effort to make a case against Brad.

During the trial, however, an investigator working with the defense team showed security camera photos from the Harris Teeter store on Friday July 11th where Nancy was paying for groceries. She was not wearing the necklace.