Justice for Brad

Refuted State Evidence (More Coming Soon)


Jessica Adam claimed that she was at the Cooper home on Friday, July 11th, although that is difficult to trust since she initially told the Cary Police that she spoke to Nancy on the phone that Friday and that they made arrangements for Nancy to paint the following morning.

But when the police pulled her phone records, no Friday call between Nancy and Jessica was found. She then changed her story to reflect that she visited Nancy at her home on Friday afternoon. This should have been a red flag, but police never questioned her about the discrepancy.

Police took several photos of the Cooper home on Saturday, July 12th and they later showed them to Jessica so she could determine if anything looked different from when she was "there the previous day". She said she noticed that some decorative ducks and sticks were missing from the foyer area and she testified that she remembered seeing them on Friday.

The Cary Police ran with this. In their minds this was their "evidence of a struggle". When asked during the trial what evidence was found in the house that indicated that a homicide had taken place, Detective Daniels responded that "some items from the foyer were missing, namely, ducks and bamboo shoots that could have become damaged or broken in a struggle". When asked if there were other indications, the answer was "no".

The defense team put Carol Cooper (Brad's mother) on the stand and she testified that she remembered seeing some ducks in a box in the family room as she was organizing and moving things around to paint the house. Shortly after the trial began, it came up during dinner that the ducks were in the office of Brad's custody attorney. When Brad was arrested and Carol Cooper was about to return to Canada, she told the attorneys that they were welcome to take some of the items from the home. So that's how the ducks ended up in the attorney's office. Of course, Carol informed the defense and the ducks made their appearance in the court room. Clearly, Nancy packed the ducks away as she was preparing to list the house in anticipation of a move.